Stiller Law Offices

Estate / Trust Litigation

Sometimes conflicts arise when a loved one is gone.  We help to resolve these conflicts by providing compassionate estate and trust litigation services for our clients.  We strive to resolve the conflict before litigation is initiated.  If a problem cannot be resolved without litigation, we have the experience to assist you, whether you are a fiduciary or a beneficiary.  We provide appropriate legal advice to meet your particular needs. 

Premarital Planning

Many clients today decide to blend their current families with another special family.  Special planning is needed for such clients to ensure that their wishes are honored when they pass away or in the unfortunate event that the new family does not survive.  We provide advice and solutions for these clients with prenuptial and cohabitation agreements that achieve their goals for their unique and personal situations.

Estate / Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is always difficult.  We help to ease the burden by providing reliable estate and trust administration services for our clients.  If a probate administration is required, we have the experience to assist you, gained through years of practice in Northeast Ohio probate courts and beyond.  If a trust administration is needed, we provide appropriate legal advice to meet your particular needs. 

In addition to the administration of estates and trusts, we assist clients with other matters under the purview of the probate court such as guardianships of minors or the elderly.  When court approval is required, we represent clients in the court and prepare the necessary documents to effectuate modifications or terminations of irrevocable trusts.  When a trust matter does not require court approval, we provide advice and assistance with preparation of private agreements among all necessary parties to accomplish the client's goals.

Business Planning

Many clients have a business that they wish to pass to relatives or valued employees at the time of their death.  Individualized business succession planning is a need for such clients.  Other clients wish to form a business and we can assist them in choosing and forming the proper entity to meet their personal and professional needs.

Estate Planning

The foundation of our practice is estate planning.  We provide highly specialized estate plans to meet the changing needs of our clients.  Whether your plan is based on minimizing estate taxation or ensuring ongoing asset management for your beneficiaries, we listen to you.  We build your plan with your goals in mind.

Our Services

We believe in providing timely, specialized legal services at a reasonable price to select clients.  We don't believe we can do a divorce case in the morning and a traffic matter in the afternoon and so we limit our practice to the following areas: