"Close to 14,000 new businesses open their doors in Ohio each year.  There are many different entity structures to choose from and the advice of a knowledgeable attorney can help you chose the right entity for you and your business."

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Our clients are hard-working.  Our clients are successful.  Many of these clients own, or want to own, their own business while protecting their personal assets from creditors of the business.  We listen to our clients' goals for the future of their business.  We provide a variety of services to assist such clients in forming their business, in ensuring that the business is in compliance with both the law and its stated rules, and in protecting and enhancing the value of the business for the future.  We help clients develop business succession plans to allow business owners to remain confident that their businesses will continue to thrive when they are gone.

Entity Formation and Compliance  Our firm assists clients with determining the proper entity structure to best fit their needs for their particular business and we help them establish their business as a legal entity.  Once formed, we counsel and assist clients regarding compliance with the applicable laws and the terms of their business documents.  

Business Succession Planning  Clients have often spent many years growing a successful business and they seek our counsel to ensure that their wishes are honored regarding the future of their business.  Whether a client is seeking to pass the business to family members or interested employees or wants to acquire or sell the business, we provide the guidance and direction to ensure that the client's business goals are realized.

          Buy/Sell Agreements  Creative succession strategies can ensure that the business owner's desires are met when an owner dies, becomes disabled, is divorced or encounters creditor problems.  Comprehensive planning for these and other contingencies allow business owners to determine who will receive the business and in what manner they will receive it.

          Gifting Strategies  Valuable gifting strategies can allow a business owner to implement an orderly transition from one generation to the next while providing the owner with the flexibility to adjust to changing circumstances within the family.  Structuring such strategies to take advantage of favorable tax laws can compliment the client's estate plan while providing for ongoing management of the business for the future.

          Sales/Purchases  When a client is interested in selling or acquiring a business, we can provide direction and can assist the client in obtaining the best possible outcome.  We are here to help ensure that the fruits of a client's labors are realized. 


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