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Estate planning is personal.  It involves developing personal objectives and creating strategies to achieve those objectives.  It involves identifying potential problems and crafting solutions to address those problems.  At Stiller Law Offices, we work closely with you, and with your other trusted advisors, to prepare a plan that will meet your specific goals for your family.

Our clients come from all walks of life throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Many are financially successful business owners who want to ensure that their businesses continue when they are gone.  Many are retired professionals seeking advice on complex issues involving retirement assets.  Some are young couples looking to provide for their children if something were to happen to them.  More than a few are single, whether widowed or divorced, who wish to benefit individuals and charities both now and in the future.  Some are not United States citizens or they own assets in foreign countries.  Despite their various differences, many of these clients share similar goals.

Probate Avoidance  Careful planning can avoid the need to subject a client's personal wealth to the supervision of a probate court in the event of incapacity or death.  It can keep a client's personal and financial matters private.

Asset Protection  Deliberate  planning can protect the assets a client wishes to preserve from the reach of creditors and predators.  Numerous strategies are available to ensure that only a client's intended beneficiaries reap the rewards of a lifetime of effort. 

Generational Planning  Specific planning can preserve a client's wealth for multiple generations of a family.  It can ensure that grandchildren and future generations receive an inheritance that will be kept in the client's family and will not be subject to division in a family member's divorce or subject to a judgment in a lawsuit.

Tax Planning  Complex tax planning can reduce or eliminate estate or inheritance taxes upon the death of a client.  Creative planning can efficiently address the cost of dying for a client's family.  With the federal estate tax exemption amount currently in excess of $5,450,000, income tax planning becomes increasingly important and our strategies can help a client achieve the best possible overall tax results for his or her family.

Charitable Gifting  Philanthropic planning can provide a client with lifetime benefits, both personal and financial.  It can also give a client something which is often more important, the assurance that the client's assets will benefit a favorite charitable group or cause.