Stiller Law Offices

For clients who are considering marriage, or for those who choose to make a home together without entering into a marital relationship, we have the knowledge and experience to counsel and assist them in making these important life decisions.  Whether the marriage will be the first or a subsequent marriage for one or both of the partners, planning in advance for the inevitability of death or the possibility of divorce can provide the couple with peace of mind that their wishes will be honored.  Many younger clients have received family assets that they desire to retain should a divorce or a death occur.  More mature clients often have estate plans in place for the benefit of their chosen beneficiaries that they want to determine the disposition of their assets rather than the marital laws controlling death or divorce.

Prenuptial Agreements  By creating a prenuptial agreement, also known as an antenuptial agreement, a couple can determine in advance what property and rights each partner will retain in the event the marriage is terminated by divorce or the death of a partner.  Over the years we have found that many clients believe that prenuptial agreements are only meant to determine the partners' rights should a divorce occur and they are unaware that prenuptial agreements can also address the partners' rights when one of the partners passes away.  While some of our clients are younger adults marrying for the first time, many of our "prenup" clients are mature adults with children and/or grandchildren from prior marriages for whom the death of a partner is of greater concern than the possibility of divorce.  We have extensive experience counseling clients on these matters and creating agreements that address all their concerns.

Cohabitation Agreements  Some clients are partners in committed relationships who have chosen to remain unmarried or who cannot enter into a legal marriage.  Partners in these non-traditional relationships cannot avail themselves of divorce laws in the event of a conflict in their relationship.  We have the knowledge and experience to counsel these clients and to craft agreements to assist them in delineating the rights and responsibilities of each partner in the relationship.