"Most conflicts are resolved without litigation.  Even when lawsuits are necessary, settlement is often reached between the parties before the court must decide."

While most estate and trust administrations run smoothly, sometimes there is unavoidable friction or conflict among or between fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other persons, such as creditors.  At other times, even though all necessary parties are in agreement, the court must grant its approval of a certain action, such as a modification or termination of a trust.  We are experienced in advancing our client's position when a conflict occurs.  Emotions often run high in times of conflict and we are dedicated to advocating for our clients in a professional and courteous manner.

We represent both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in estate and trust litigation matters, both adversarial and non-adversarial, including matters such as Will and trust contest actions, breach of fiduciary duty claims, declaratory judgment actions, trustee removal actions, and trust reformations and/or terminations.  We are on your side.

Many times, clients hope to avoid litigation over their areas of conflict and they wish to enter into binding contracts to settle their differences without court involvement.  Stiller Law Offices is ready to provide counsel and assist clients with the preparation of various forms of settlement agreements as an alternative to litigation.  We strive to keep your private matters private and to obtain the results you desire when a conflict occurs.




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